How could consumer tech BD Live influence collaboration and education?

Assuming that consumer technology is a signifitant driver of  innovation in the educational arena, the possibilities of interactive Blue-Ray (BD Live) holds out much potential - if it catches on in the consumer arena first of course.    Just imagine the possibilites after reading:



Read a decent team-building book...

Called  “Inside the Magic  Kingdom”  by Tom Connellan.

Here's my quick takeaways:

  • “In the service sector, everyone is your competition.”
  • “Internal customers look for the same things as external customers.”
  • “Pay attention to detail”
  • “Everyone walks the talk”
  • “Every time a customer comes in contact with your company you have an opportunity to create value.”
  • Emerson: What you do thunders above your head so loudly, I cannot hear the words you speak.
  • “The trick is to turn commons sense into common practice.”
  • “Everything  walks the walk”
  • “Everyone needs to focus on providing what customers want – even people who never come in direct contact with customers”
  • “Customers are best  heard through many ears.”
  • “Reward, recognize, and celebrate.”
  • “The absence of feedback can cause people to withdraw their commitment.”
  • “The two most common by-products of phenomenal success are arrogance and complacency.”
  • “I am a kxy pxrson and nxxdxd vxry much.”  - Xvxryonx makxs a diffxrxncx.”
  • “To achieve good teamwork and optimize customer loyalty, you have to break down the silos.”