I love my iPhone, but I like what the folks are doing at MIT.

The new Google Android operating system is letting the creative juices flow for future mobile device applications:


 I particularly like the key idea.  I have too many key farbs and if the manufacturers would just get the form size of the devices down to something that fits on my wrist.  I hate the "where's-my-phone-drill" everytime the phone rings.

American Higher Ed. Inc. by Richard Ruch

Just finished reading Mr. Ruch's comparative investigation of for-profits, privates and non-profits.   While it was published in 2001, I still found it informative, particularly the chapter on "Lessons for the For-Profit Side."  His main points are still relevant:

  • Responding to market forces
  • Adapting the organizational structure
  • Redefining shared governance
  • Developing a strong customer orientation