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Ken is the Director of MIS and Instructional Technology at Plymouth State University where he enjoys the opportunity to work with energetic, intelligent, motivated, competent and caring colleagues to advance the integration of technology into the institutional academic and administrative environments in the effort to promote a more informed citizenry.

I love my iPhone, but I like what the folks are doing at MIT.

The new Google Android operating system is letting the creative juices flow for future mobile device applications:


 I particularly like the key idea.  I have too many key farbs and if the manufacturers would just get the form size of the devices down to something that fits on my wrist.  I hate the "where's-my-phone-drill" everytime the phone rings.

American Higher Ed. Inc. by Richard Ruch

Just finished reading Mr. Ruch's comparative investigation of for-profits, privates and non-profits.   While it was published in 2001, I still found it informative, particularly the chapter on "Lessons for the For-Profit Side."  His main points are still relevant:

  • Responding to market forces
  • Adapting the organizational structure
  • Redefining shared governance
  • Developing a strong customer orientation