Seems a bit draconian!

Interesting reaction by Canadian University to the realities of the FaceBook.  I appreciate the issue of academic integrity, but course design needs to reflect the new realities.  Besides, collaboration is a good thing.   Read this:

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1 thought on “Seems a bit draconian!

  1. Draconian indeed! It's a bit of a surprise that the ZDNet article actually names the student "involved". The details omitted in the ZDNet piece are likely critical. It is too easy for perceptions to go off target once the accusation of cheating is made, especially where the internet is part of the picture.

    It sounds like the student expected credit for work done outside the BlackBoard framework that Ryerson provides. I would compare that to using Comic Sans 14pt. for your term paper where the syllabus clearly says Times New Roman 12pt. Rebellious yes, but cheating? Probably not.

    Those "new realities" that each new crop of first-year students bring to school with them are the "givens". The internet, as it has been for a long time now, is both a wonderful blessing and a horrible blight. Its chaos is terrifying, but its potential is just as amazing.

    Thanks for the link.

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