American Higher Ed. Inc. by Richard Ruch

Just finished reading Mr. Ruch's comparative investigation of for-profits, privates and non-profits.   While it was published in 2001, I still found it informative, particularly the chapter on "Lessons for the For-Profit Side."  His main points are still relevant:

  • Responding to market forces
  • Adapting the organizational structure
  • Redefining shared governance
  • Developing a strong customer orientation

Right people on the bus!

One of my favorite moments as a manager is when these two gentleman come to my office, usually at the end of the day, typically a Friday, with the Cheshire Cat look, and tell me about some solution they pulled together below the radar.   This solution described in our weekly institutional newsletter wasn't exactly that scenario, but it was good to see them getting the recognition they deserve for their creative AND pragmatic efforts.  Medals are not given for identifying problems, medals are given to those who provide solutions!

This bus is moving thanks to them and others on the PSU team.