OpenID Video w/Simon Wilson at Google.

This is an excellent video on OpenID.  One of my biggest take aways was the point Simon Wilson makes about OpenID being, I'm paraphrasing ,  a point solution to a particular problem, that in some ways is like the Unix OS, in that the solution can be extended in unforeseen ways in the future.  This contrasts with the comprehensive approaches also available. 

US News & Report - Taking some heat.

While not exactly new news,  the US News & World Report ranking of higher education institutions is receiving some criticism from university and college presidents.  This article in University Business highlights some of the problems with the ranking, particularly the formula used by US N&WR.  Given the increasing demands for accountability  coming from several quarters it's about time higher education weighed in on the assessment process, particularly the weak-at-best approach adopted by US N&WR.  That being said, I don't necessary agree with the recommendation quoted in the UB articles encouraging students to trust the gut when making a choice.  I'd rather have the gut of the potential student and parent have a healthy dosage of data and not just a pretty campus tour,  a slick brochure or a reputation sitting on its laurels.

Higher Ed and CRM

Constituency Relationship Managment and Business Intelligence are looming larger all the time.  Here's a interesting article.   Of course our Student Information System vendor of choice has been investing heavily in their Enrollment Management Suite which is packaged combination of both areas.

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Analytics in our future?

I have been having several discussions with colleagues trying to get our arms around a comprehensive vision of reporting, anayltics, and buisness intelligence.  Here's a timely article from Educause.