FaceBook, Friend or Foe?

I was at a recent Facebook Forum on our campus where the overall message, was "don't put anything in Facebook that you will someday regret." That's certainly good advice and the very same advice I have given my own children. Unfortunately, the forum seemed to focus too much on the negative and not the postive - or at least not the reality of social networks and the Internet in general as our students prepare for their future. While Higher Ed. institutions are working to integrate ePortfolio technologies into post-secondary experience, the un-filtered digital footprint of our students is being created. I know, I know, I',m doing ePortfolios a disservice by equating them with just the results of search engines, but for the purposes of this post, let's just consider the areas of commonality.

An article by Mary Brandel in ComputerWorld, builds the case that digital natives or immigrants need to cultivate their digital profile. I couldn't agree more. Educational institutions, should be encouraging students to build their profile in a professional manner. If they don't who will? I would not want to be this student looking for an entry level management position.

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