Admissions - being hip.

There was a good article about Admissions Offices attempting to use technology in the March 16th edition of the Chronicle, Tangled up in Tech. It's sailent point.

....many admissions deans are racing to prove to prospective students that they are hip to the latest trends. They know that millions of teenagers log on to MySpace and Facebook every day and constantly use text messaging and instant messaging. Some officials assume they must use those channels to connect with teens — and to keep up with competitors....The biggest mistake admissions officials can make when experimenting with new ways to reach out to prospective applicants is to ignore their tried-and-true methods of disseminating information about their college, according to higher-education marketing consultants.

I couldn't agree more. Technology is not always the answer. Especially if it is a half-hearted attempt and potentially appears to be disingenuous. My oldest daughter has been accepted at several institutions. The most effective acceptance letter, in this parents opinion, was the one from the University of Maine, that included a brief hand-written note over the standard form letter that highlighted why they were impressed with her application. It made me feel that they new my daughter and took the time the time to really look at her. Now if their Financial Aid Office does as well for me....

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