Less expensive than your average 50 inch screen

Although not available in the states yet, I can see these handy dandy devices in classrooms. Although videos are arguably one of the most abused and mis-used technologies in our classrooms, as we move to instructional gaming technologies, it will be necessary to individualize that experience. In other words, classrooms will need these devices much as headphones have been needed for individual listening experiences over the past several decades.

Marketing via the desktop - not a bad idea.

Here's an interesting idea for the desktop being applied at Florida State University that was developed by Stardock Design. I don't think it is necessarily worth $19.95 , but if they have alum interested in the purchase, go for it. RSS feeds, podcasting, vlogs and blogs with content about your institution's sports, student organizations and other affinity groups would be of equal, if not greater value. Plus, who wants to bother with downloads and then upgrades as required by new versions of the OS, Vista for instance, due out in January.