Higher Education Blogs and Liability

Higher Education and Blog Liability. Blogs are somewhat of a topic at my institution. Specifically, the liability issue. So I thought it might be a good idea to just start a post that points to relevant blog/liability issues for reference. Someone has probably already done this, but I haven't found it with a quick search. If you know of any, please comment or if you find interesting sites that fall into the following categories, let me know and I'll update this post. I'm also looking for University and Colleges that embraced blogs as part of the culture and strategic effort to facilitate their online sense of community. Thanks.

Education and Blogs

7 Things you should know about Blogs

Blog Policy and Liabilty Articles:

University of Minnesota Blog Policies - Good policies.
OSUWrite: A University Blog Solution Proof of Concept
Chronicle of Higher Education Article
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Burleson Consulting
Warwick University Terms and Conditions
Editor and Publishing (Good article)
Electronic Frontier Foundation Site
EFF Student Blogs
Unversity Business Article
Harvard Law school Terms of Use

Institutional Blogs, i.e. IHE that are making hey with blogs:
University of Minnesota - Here's a good example.
Harvard Law - Here's a marquee school's effort.
Seton Hall - Another good example
Penn State - Solutions Institute
Warwick University - UK
U. of Chicago - Faculty Blog
Standford Law
Dickinson College Blog
Regent College (Alumni Blog list)
Seton HillPrinceton University
Belmont University ( Seems to be an administrative blog)
Rider University ( Admissions Blog)
Georgia State University Library

Not really an IHE blog, but an interesting perspective nonetheless from Sam Jackson College Experience

Corporate Blogs: (Whose using blogs in the corporate world and why?)

CNN Article
Business 2.0

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