It's the little things that make a portal a home.

One of our talented student workers, Adam Brown, developed a customized polling channel for our portal and we launched it last week. Out of a student population of 4000 FTE Undergraduates and 1776 FTE graduates students, our myPlymouth portal receives approximately 3800 unique daily logins on average. That's good. Our new polling channel had over 900 participants in the first week for the first question. The channel is optional, but we did pre-subscribe everyone to it in their initial portal tab. We are very pleased with the community engagement with this new service. Admittedly, it's just a polling channel and websites have been doing it for years, but it's things like this that will help provide our users with the sense that they are members of an active community. We're looking forward to using this channel and others to help create a greater sense of online activity within that community. Way to go Adam.

portal engagement polling channel, portal engagement polling channel

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