The podcasting bandwagon keeps on rolling. Princeton University recently announced that they would be vodcasting:

“Princeton University (NJ) has added “vodcasts” - shared videos that can be watched using Apple Inc.’s iTunes - to the podcasts, or downloadable sound files, it already offers on its Web-based University Channel. The service makes academic lectures and events available to the public via the Web. Apple recently introduced vodcasting technology in conjunction with the video- enabled iPod as a way of sharing video files over iTunes. “

http: //uc.princeton.edu/main/

Just yesterday Standford University announced that it is putting up its podcasting content via Apple iTunes. Of course, this growing willingness of Higher Education institutions to provide and share their course content over the Internet began with MIT’s OpencourseWare initiative. Given these initiatives and the recent rise of blogging and VOIP products such as GIZMO and SKYP, one easily can see that we are at point where web-based instruction and course design are about to take another step forward. It almost feels like the mid-nineties when WebCT and Blackboard first made their appearance.

Another major announcement today was the Carnegie Mellon University’s speech translation program, that provides live translation of speech. Perhaps I’ll wait a little longer to learn that second language and save my money for a heads up display. http://www.campus-technology.com/news_issue.asp?id=150