Blogs and Course Management Systems

The question recently came up on my campus as to how would blogs and course management systems co-exist? My initial reaction was, “not well.” Course Management Systems (CMS) programs like WebCT and BlackBoard (a.k.a., BlackWeb or BlackCT) are designed to create a safe environment secured from casual engagement by non-registered students of the course. In the best sense, this mirrors traditional classrooms that provide environments where faculty and students can freely exchange ideas and engage in the process of education as outlined by the terms of the course syllabus.

I now understand and believe that blogging enhances the CMS experience. A faculty blog would be the “published” content of a their research or academic interests. Faculty would post content to their blog and reap the benefits of the blogging community. The CMS could then be linked to their specific blog content and would be worked into the course using the traditional CMS tools. I think that’s the first time I’ve combined CMS and traditional - times have changed.

The Faculty would essential get a two ‘fer. Author/Publish once. Reference many.

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  1. I had to ask myself if I could get used to a life like that. How much *exactly* did it bother me that He was not only serving Himself, but serving ME also?

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